Ruthless Protector - book two the institute series
Ruthless Protector The Institute Series by A.K.Rose Dark mafia romance

Ruthless Protector - book two the institute series

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"Everything was gorgeous. Very well put together. I can't wait for the next part of the series to have special editions!!" Stacey M.

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I came to the Institute to exact revenge on a rival…And found a heiress instead.

Kat VanHalen is beautiful, rich and savagely loyal.

But she also carries a secret.

One that’s so deadly it invades the island to snatch her out from under our nose.

But there’s only one problem…

Kat wasn’t just a rich woman.

She was mine.

I’d staked my claim.

On her body. Her mind.

Her soul too.

And when they came for her, they earned themselves an enemy.

One fueled with vengeance and wrath.

They don’t call me the Stidda Mafia Prince for nothing.

With fists, fury and a surprising allay I hunt them across countries…

Until I find her.

And protect her with all I am.

May God have mercy on her enemies…because I wont.

Ruthless Protector The Institute Series by A.K.Rose Dark mafia romance

He will have her one way another

Cosa Nostra is a dark Mafia series which you'll find elements of violence, dubcon situations, drugs, SA, loss of a pet situations, child abuse (not on page) and other Mafia related violence. Please read at your own caution.

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