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frequently asked questions

What is The Atlas Rose Club?

The Atlas Rose Club is a loyalty rewards program through which our customers (like you!) earn Rose Points for every purchase and do various tasks, such as posting a review and referring friends and families. Your Rose points unlock tier benefits and can be redeemed for rewards. This is another way to thank our customers and show how much I truly appreciate your loyalty.

How do I sign up for The Atlas Rose Club?

Create an Atlas Rose Club account to receive exclusive discounts and offers by clicking the rewards pop up/teaser at the bottom of the homepage.

How do I earn points?

As a member of the Atlas Rose Club, you earn Rose points through various tasks listed above and for every $1 you spend on qualifying products of Atlas Rose Dark Romance. Points will be awarded to your account when your order is PAID.

What are my redeemable Rose points, and when do they expire?

Your redeemable Rose points are the number of points you have available to redeem for rewards as part of the Atlas Rose Club program. To view your current redeemable points balance, visit your member dashboard or log into your Atlas Rose Club account. Your redeemable points credit is awarded to you for a lifetime and will never expire.

How do I advance to the next tier?

Your Atlas Rose Club perks are determined by how many redeemable Rose points you earn. By earning more points through performing various tasks listed above and making qualifying purchases, you can unlock higher tiers.

How do I redeem my points for coupon and product rewards, and how often can I redeem my points?

You can redeem your Rose points for coupon rewards in your cart. When you save your Rose points for coupon rewards in your cart, Atlas Rose Dark Romance will automatically apply a discount to eligible items. You cannot combine your rewards with other offers or discount codes.

Can I combine my Atlas Rose Club rewards with other offers or use them at other stores?

The Atlas Rose Club reward discounts cannot be combined with other offers. For example, if you use your Atlas Rose Club redeemable points for 10% off the total price for the eligible items in your cart, you may not use another coupon in the same transaction. Similarly, suppose Atlas Rose Dark Romance is running a promotional price on a product on our website. In that case, you cannot use your redeemable Rose points for an additional discount on that product.


The Atlas Rose Club reward discounts can only be used at and cannot be combined with gift cards or store credit.

How can I opt out of the Atlas Rose Club?

If you want to opt out of the Atlas Rose Club, please send an email to atlas@atlasrosedarkromance.


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