Forbidden  - book seven - blood ties series
Forbidden  - book seven - blood ties series
Forbidden  - book seven - blood ties series
Forbidden  - book seven - blood ties series
Forbidden  - book seven - blood ties series
Forbidden  - book seven - blood ties series
Forbidden  - book seven - blood ties series

Forbidden - book seven - blood ties series

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"Everything was gorgeous. Very well put together. I can't wait for the next part of the series to have special editions!!" Stacey M.



I hit it with my car…

Then I carried her home. 

Taking care of her wounds with my own dark depravity. 

Her scars tell a story, burns, cuts…some old…but there are some wounds that are fresh. 

So fresh they tell a dangerous, intriguing tale. One I’m captivated to learn.

When she opened her eyes she didn’t recoil like the others. 

Instead, she told me her name. 


There is something about her. About the way she meets my stare. 

She’s not afraid of me. 

Some dangerous part of me wants to keep it that way.

Just this once…

When Halestrom Hale and the controlling fist clenches around me. I hide her in the only place I know. A place I can control. A place where I can watch her…

The Order. 

When my brothers find out, they are furious. 

Everything we’ve worked for. 

All the lies we’ve told.

All the sick, depraved things we’ve done.

Could be all for nothing. 

If she tells. 

So all three of us make sure that she doesn’t whisper a thing. 

We keep her busy.

Every night…and all day long.

And pray we make it out alive.

 🌹 Signed paperback comes with bookmark and signed book plate


Forbidden is a dark captive why choose romance and contains triggers LOTS AND LOTS OF TRIGGERS. The men in this story are cold, ruthless and intense. This story contains: Dubcon/noncon, forced proximity, captive, forced O’s, insertion, revenge plot, drugging, mind control, degradation/praise ki.nk, forced exhibition, violence….so much violence and touch her and…well, you know what as well as erotic and graphic sexual situations with multiple men.

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