Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle
Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle
Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle
Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle
Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle
Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle
Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle
Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle
Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle
Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle
Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle

Ultimate Forbidden Romance 6 Book Audio Bundle

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"Everything was gorgeous. Very well put together. I can't wait for the next part of the series to have special editions!!" Stacey M.

Something unholy shimmered in my stepbrother’s gaze as he stepped closer. “Are you going to tell them about this?” He looked to his brothers, then back to me. “Or are you going to keep this our secret?”

Blood Ties Series #1 Best Seller in Action & Adventure Erotica with over 5000 reviews! 

Dive into this ULTIMATE Audio Bundle if you love...

Why choose, Tab*o dark stepbrother romance, Age gap, Forced proximity, High heat, Secret society, Mafia/Gang romance, Touch her and d*e, Found family. 

Over 60 HOURS of some of the STEAMIEST audio you've ever listened to. 

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Mine: 11 hours, 51 minues

Hers: 11 hours, 32 minutes

Ours: 13 hours, 28 minutes

Owned: 12 hours, 27 minutes

Traded: 11 hours, 33 minutes

Claimed: over 11 hours

🌹 PLUS!! You get additional narrated scenes exclusive to my store. You won't find these anywhere else! 

"The audiobook is amazing. I absolutely love all of A. K. Rose audiobooks. The narrators are amazing and bring the story to life. I have read these books without the audio and they are great but with the audiobook the are spectacular"

Narrated by: Ana Cole, Jack Calihan & Orcus

Mine - Book One

I always knew my father was a cold, heartless bastard.

But the moment he took Elle Castlemaine and her pathetic daughter into our home, barely a month after our mom died, he unleashed something savage inside me.

I didn’t care they lost their home. Didn’t care their father was behind bars.

Didn’t care he betrayed the notorious Stidda Mafia boss, Benjamin Rossi, and now their lives were in danger.

All I cared about was her.


I wanted to hurt her. Wanted to make her squirm.

I wanted to make her pay for the moans coming from my father’s bedroom.

When he slipped a ring onto her mother’s finger, Ryth became mine.

Mine to bully.

Mine to break.

And I’ll use my brothers to do it.

She’ll become our favorite obsession.

Our sick, tormented game.

She’ll become the only thing I think about, until not thinking about her tears me apart.

I’ll hate her. I’ll hate her so much it hurts…


Hers - Book Two

My brother is bleeding.

My stepsister is gone.

The ones responsible called themselves family.

By blood, and now by marriage.

I want to destroy them for what they’ve done.

Burn everything they have to the ground.

But first I need to find her.


The pathetic, little mouse that scurried into our lives and made a home.

I can’t forget her, can’t get her out of my head.

She unleashed something dangerous in me.

Something that drove me to ruin her.

And ruined myself in the process.

She was once a game to me…

She still is…only this time it’s for keeps.


Ours - Book Three

Secrets. Lies. Betrayal.

I’ve done my fair share, risking everything to save her.

My princess…

My Ryth.

Now we’re cornered by those who run the Order.

And we’re at their mercy.

Only one man can get us out.

The man who knows the truth about this place…

Her father.

Deals are made to free us.

Only she doesn’t know everything.

She soon will…

She’ll expect my brothers to be standing outside the gates..


But I don’t think they will.

I’ll be there to pick up the pieces.

I’ll make sure she’s safe.

Our little mouse. Our princess. Our…stepsister.

Owned - Book Four

I own her. Bought and paid for.

She was expensive too…but worth every cent when I bend her to my will.

None of them understand how important she is.

But I know.

Vivienne King is mine. Body. Soul.

And most importantly, her bloodline.

So, she’ll remain here, under my roof…obeying my rules.

Resisting me at every goddamn opportunity.

Playing her defiant little games with our control.

Until I find my resolve slipping.

I’m cold, calculating.

But I'm a man who finds himself becoming obsessed with her.

And I’m not the only one.

I see the hunger in my son’s eyes.

See the way they react around her.

She won't be wearing red for us…

Because she won't be wearing anything at all.

I’ll take her downstairs…and show her exactly who is in control here.

I’ll show her what it’s like to be owned…


Traded - Book Five

I’ve been lied to, used…and played.

The Order took something from me…

My property.


And now she belongs to another man…

Macoy Daniel’s.

The moment he signed that contract, he signed his own death warrant.

With the sons, we track her down.

Only when we get there, we find something unexpected.

Her…savage and full of fury.

We don’t call her wildcat for no reason.

I don’t know if I’m saving her from her abductor…or the other way around.

All I know is I that want answers…

And revenge.

I become the man I fought hard to leave behind.

The cold, heartless mercenary.

I’ll use…I’ll betray…and I’ll lie.

Anything to keep her safe.

For her we hunt.

For her we kill.

And when we’re forced by Haelstom Hale for a trade; contract for a life…

I do the only thing that savage need to protect her allows…

I send Macoy Daniels back to Haelstom Hale…

In pieces.


Claimed - Book Six

They came…

They took…

Now it’s time to destroy them from the inside out.

But first I need to get him back…my son…Colt.

To do that I send the two people I hold close back into The Order.

Colt’s vengeful twin, Carven.

And the woman I’ve fallen for…Vivienne.

As I watch them disappear inside that Hell, I call for war,

forcing every powerful man and woman in the city to choose a side.


Or Halestrom Hale’s.

Only when those I love return from that place, they bring back a look of horror.

What Carven tell me sends me reeling.

With our backs against the wall, an unexpected allay rears her head.

Vivienne’s older sister Helene.

She might be more than my way to King.

But she might just give me back my family.

Together, we destroy all we can.

We came for vengeance…and we won’t stop.

Not until we’re together once more.

If there’s anything worth dying for…

it’s love.


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